Choosing a phone plan is super confusing k [Singtel XO 48 vs XO 78]

My phone is dying because I am absolutely shit at taking care of it. I bring it everywhere with me and I drop it basically all the time.

Anyway, the current iPhone XR 64GB is $1299 and that is moneyyyyy.

But, my contract with Singtel is almost up and I wanted to see what was more worth. These are the two plans that I thought would fit me best.

Right now, I pay about $68/month (sim-only plan) for 30GB of data + Spotify + 350mins talk time + 500sms. In terms of usage, every month I use only about 30mins of calls and 15GB of data.

In other words, super not worth. Calculating what would be worth for me was super hard – lets get down to bidniss.

The money of it all:

These were the two plans that I was looking at:

Like at first glance, I thought that the XO78 plan was obviously more worth – I mean, the phone is already like $350 less – and I definitely use more than 5GB a month.

But then, who actually uses 40GB of data a month?!

Even when I was streaming Netflix on my phone on the MRT to and from work, while running on the treadmill, and browsing Reddit (dem GIFs eat data), the most I ever hit was like 23GB.

K, so lets do the math:

(full disclosure – actually social science student so me no math too good so lmk if I’ve fucked up anywhere)

XO 48XO 78
Cost per month (Plan)4878
Cost of iPhone XR 498 148
Total Cost Plan (24 Months) + Phone16502020
Total Price Difference 370+370
Actual cost per month 6884
Price difference per month -16+16
Cost per GB 6.82.1
Price difference per GB+4.7-4.7

So actually right, when you’ve math-ed it out, the $370 price difference doesn’t look too bad, but the per month price difference starts too look abit shit (cause even though it’s actually on $16, it looks closer to $20 cause my brain just kannut)

When all this was going down, Singtel was offering $100 for re-contract and an additional $100 for phone upgrades. That’s a sweet sweet $200 off – so now we gotta math this again, because it is important to account for all factors.

me when discount

So now we have to math again:

XO 48XO 78
Cost per month (Plan)4878
Cost of iPhone XR 2980
Total Cost Plan (24 Months) + Phone14501872
Total Price Difference 422+422
Actual cost per month 6078
Price difference per month -18+18
Cost per GB 6.01.95
Price difference per GB+4.7-4.05

Ok, now this changes things aliddlebit because the discounts only apply to the phone – sneaky right?

The price per month for XO 48 goes down $8/mth but the price for the XO 78 drops only $6/month in real costs – which honestly isn’t too bad – but honestly this is us RN trying to get the best deal possible:

Now when I apply this to my own usage – say generously, lets give it about 20GB a month, that’s still 20GB that I’m not using. AND not counting that the only time I’ve ever hit more than 100min was there was sum real tea goin on.

I mean, what would I do with 300mins of talk time – lawd what would I do with 300 SMSes?

But again, having to cut down on data use really, really sucks.

But, if you think about it, the phone itself is $1299, and I’m actually paying $1450 for the plan – that means that if I count it as paying off the phone, I’m only paying $151 for data, calls, and all that jazz.

And really, that seems kinda ok to me ๐Ÿ™‚

wat can I say ๐Ÿ™‚

btw for much better math – moneysense

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