Beach pls go to Woy Woy for the best bacon and egg roll ever

Woy Woy is a coastal town about an hour away for Sydney. It really isn’t a tourist town and the only reason I went there was to attend a wedding – but oh lawd am I glad I went because I had basically the best bacon and egg roll OF MY LIFE there.

The Box on the Water

Ettalong Beach Waterfront Reserve, The Esplanade, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257, Australia

The bacon is STACKED and the egg is just the right amount of runny. You can basically see the hear the crisp of the perfectly toasted bread. AND THE BUTTER is soaked almost to the crust. 10/10.

It’s in the most perfect little cafe just on the beach where you can hear and see the water. There’s a million dogs just wandering by and the place also does a pretty sick flat white.


I can’t remember how much everything was but it wasn’t expensive at all for basically the best brunch I had since landing after long-ass flight.

And right after, you can take an amazingly long walk Ettalong beach (geddit – AT A LONG BEACH).

The water is gorgeous and there’s dogs everywhere and geriatrics suntanning. It makes for the most perfect Saturday morning EVER.

Stalking dem doggos

Anyway, if you happen to be in Sydney and have abit of time, go to Woy Woy.

Full Vlog here:

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